Name: SantÚVet
Region/Country: France
Year of Initial Investment: 2017
Strategy: Control/Buy&Build
Status: Current Portfolio
SantÚVet is the French market leader in pet insurance and has also recently expanded into Belgium and Spain. France has one of the largest pet populations in Europe with approximately 20 million cats and dogs. SantÚVet is an important partner for pet owners to provide preventive care and health insurance for pets. http://www.santevet.com

Name: Not Disclosed
Region/Country: Italy
Year of Initial Investment: 2016
Strategy: Minority/Buy & Build
Status: Current Portfolio
Platform investment to provide growth capital for significant buy&build opportunity in the domestic market.

Name: Pilosio Group
Region/Country: Italy, Global
Year of Initial Investment: 2014
Strategy: Control/Buy & Build
Status: Current Portfolio
Pilosio is a fast growing global engineering services and specialty construction materials business servicing some of the largest blue-chip construction and EPC companies globally. Based in Udine, Italy, and with operations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, Pilosio provides its high-quality specialty scaffolding and concrete formwork and engineering services to large-scale construction, infrastructure and civil construction projects, and the non-cyclical industrial maintenance sector. http://www.pilosio.com/eng

Columna signed a binding agreement to acquire Pilosio in July 2014, which closed in January 2016. The transaction involved a complex debt restructuring process.

Name: Datamars
Region/Country: Global
Year of Initial Investment: 2011
Strategy: Control/Buy & Build
Status: Current Portfolio
Datamars is a market leading supplier of high performance identification solutions, specializing in RFID for the animal (livestock and pets) and textile identification markets with products sold in more than 60 countries. Datamars is vertically integrated in its core markets across R&D, low cost production and sales & distribution and employs more than 900 people worldwide with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company has revenue of about US$ 100 million. http://www.datamars.com

Columna made its initial investment in Datamars in 2011 acquiring a significant minority interest through a secondary buy-out. Subsequently, Columna supported management in completing a number of strategic add-on acquisitions. In early 2014, Columna completed the secondary buy-out of all remaining shareholders and consolidated Datamars' position as the global number 2 in livestock identification with the acquisition of ZeeTags.

Name: RCR Industrial Flooring
Region/Country:Europe, Latin America&Africa
Year of Initial Investment: 2011
Strategy: Control/Buy & Build
Status: Current Portfolio
RCR is the global market leader in industrial flooring solutions, with operations in Europe, Latin America and Africa. The company offers a fully integrated range of services including (i) the design and manufacture of flooring products encompassing armoured joints and formwork, dry-shake hardeners, and resin coatings for industrial concrete floors, (ii) flooring applications to install high-specification floors to exacting standards, and (iii) flooring services providing design, structural engineering and project management services for industrial floors. RCR has revenue of about Euro 150 million and 875 employees. http://www.rcrindustrialflooring.com

Columna acquired RCR in 2011 through a secondary buy-out.

Name: Not Disclosed
Region/Country: Italy
Year of Investment: 2013
Strategy: Portfolio Liquidation & Restructuring
Status: Partially Realised
In 2013, Columna acquired 100% of the limited partnership interests from more than 35 LPs and the GP of a 1999 vintage European private equity fund with a remaining portfolio of five assets.

Name: Kiala
Region/Country: France, Benelux
Year of Initial Investment: 2011
Strategy: Minority Investment
Status: Fully Realised
Kiala offers fast and convenient delivery & return of parcels to a close-by network of collection points as an alternative to home delivery for e-commerce and mail order providers. The company has built a unique and scalable technology platform to ensure high quality of service and to manage the outsourced logistics of the collection & delivery process. In 2011, the company had estimated revenue of Euro 54 million. http://www.kiala.com

Columna acquired a minority interest in Kiala in 2011 through a secondary buy-out of two institutional investors and subsequently provided the majority of the capital in two additional primary capital rounds to fund further organic growth. The company was sold to UPS in early 2012.
Since July 2010, Columna has completed seven transactions and provided growth capital to fund a total of twenty-three strategic add-on acquisitions.


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